Board of Directors

Norm Waitt
Chairman, Waitt Company

Dana Bradford
Executive Chairman, CEO, Waitt Brands

John Schuele
President, Waitt Company

Clark Horgan
Senior Vice President, Waitt Company

Chris Circo
CEO, Active Brands

Tony Schrager
Chief Operating Officer, Active Brands

Bill Phillips
President & CEO, Vornado

Executive Management

Chris Circo

Tony Schrager
Chief Operating Officer



Active Brands Company is focused on delivering advanced athlete protection and performance equipment.  As the parent company of Battle and Viking, Active Brands Company has developed a strong footprint in all sports at every level of play.  With a dedication to developing the sports industry's most innovative, science-based products, athletes all over the world choose products within our vast portfolio to excel in their sports, and to stay safe while doing so. Our footprint includes youth leagues all the way through many of the top professionals athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, MLL (Major League Lacrosse), APTA (American Platform Tennis Association) and USA Racquetball.

Active Brands Company has developed a strong global distribution network allowing delivery of its products to consumers in over 30,000 locations worldwide.