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To prepare for competition means to be ready to take a hit. Part of the game is getting knocked down, and getting back up. At Battle, our commitment is to build the most innovative sports protection equipment, enabling athletes to play at the top of their game with confidence. Contact sports, and the injuries associated with playing them, are under fire and under scrutiny. There is a universal demand for improving the gear that athletes use to protect themselves. Battle is pioneering on-player technology, design, and materials in impact protection and detection that are revolutionizing contact sports. Battle technology is quickly spreading through football, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, MMA, and many other sports. Athletes at every level of the game, from youths starting out to professional athletes playing at the highest levels, are embracing Battle Gear as their protective gear of choice.

Battle is dedicated to enhancing performance and safety for athletes through the application of technology, science, research, innovation and leading edge product development. We are a company built on a foundation of innovation in sports safety equipment and technology. Science-based research drives our design to meet and exceed the highest standards in the world, and we are focused on the development of products for longevity in the market. Innovation will always lead our competitive advantages. 

Battle is committed to the highest standards of scientific research and testing for all of the products we design and develop. Rigorous lab and field testing are the hallmark of our applications and processes. We employ the world’s leading safety-testing institutions to screen our products.